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We seek to be the single preferred provider of construction services to our customers in Zimbabwe and the diaspora. Our construction company specializes in remodeling, additions, and custom home building and stone wall construction. Whether you are renovating or starting from scratch, our team will take you from idea to final product in the fastest and most cost effective way.

Plan Drawing

Let us know in detail what you are envisioning and we will see what plan will work best for you.
Plan drawing is the mapping out of what the end result will be. We attach a price and timeline to it so that in the end, you’ll have a clear idea of what you’re getting and when you’re getting it.

Cost Esimation

We take the details of your project, itemize them and calculate the total cost for your unique project. We do this through a thorough project management process so you know up front what the price of your home will be.


Our services are not just limited to only the construction when you are unsure of what exactly is to be done, we offer consultancy giving you advice on best way forward.